About us

Qwist & Associates is a Nordic consultancy firm established by Mads Qwist, dedicated to contributing to a better world through conscious leadership. We excel in coaching, training, and consulting services, which are built upon a foundation of psychological principles and business acumen. Our commitment lies in enabling leaders and organizations to navigate complex changes and achieve Natural high performance sustainably. To address a wide range of tasks for our clients, we involve external professionals and experts whenever specific expertise is required. This approach is reflected in the use of ‘Associates’ in our company name.

Our values

Our values stand on three pillars: being consciously present, fostering honest conversations, and delving to the core of issues. We champion authenticity, curiosity, and integrity, valuing open, courageous dialogue that builds trust. We encourage deep understanding and learning, ensuring that our interactions and solutions are meaningful and effective.

Our approach 

Our holistic approach integrates deep strategic analysis with practical action. We work closely with all levels of leadership to identify core challenges and unlock potential. Through our 'Mental Design' and 'Transformational Change Projects', we ensure that strategies are not just envisioned but executed, leading to sustained change and growth.


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Mads Qwist


Josefine Salo Åstrand 

Project & Learning Assistant

Mathias Jørgensen


Anders van Amerongen


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